This week on the podcast Dr Louise speaks to Dr Ashley Winter, a urologist and sexual medicine specialist, based in Los Angeles.

Dr Ashley has seen the transformative effects of vaginal hormones on women – not only those who are menopausal, but also women who experience cyclical symptoms of bladder pain, UTIs and painful sex.

She shares her frustration on the situation in the US, where inaccurate and harmful warnings are included in every oestrogen product available, and her hopes of dispelling the fearmongering by talking, looking at the evidence and sharing her clinical experience.

Finally, Dr Ashley gives three reasons why women should use vaginal hormones:

  1. It’s extraordinarily safe. No risk of any cancer or blood clots, 100% safe.
  2. It can prevent you from needing so many other unnecessary treatments that don’t address root causes, and so you will probably save money.
  3. It is not just a vaginal treatment. It is a bladder treatment, a urethral treatment, a vulva treatment. The medication acts locally, but acts locally throughout the pelvis.

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